Baby Feeding Chair

How To Choose The Best Baby Feeding Chair

Mothers love to sit with their babies during meal times. This not only makes the kids feel like family members but also enhances the development of their eating and social skills. This makes a baby high chair one of the most important things in a family with a child. In fact, that chair is one the things that your child will spend most of his time with.

Choosing the best baby feeding chair is important as it will ensure the safety and comfort of your baby during meal times and play times. Currently, the list of high chairs is endless, making it difficult for many parents to choose the best ones for their kids. Here are important features that may help you choose the best baby high chair.

1. Adjustability
When you buy a baby high chair for the first time, probably your child is just an infant. Do you have to buy a new high chair as your baby goes through toddler years? Nobody would like to buy a chair that he has to replace as the child grows. Look for a high chair that is designed to grow with your child. One feature that enhances this function is adjustability.

At first, you will be forced to feed your child since he can’t eat by himself. This means you have to get him at the same level with your table to make it easy for you to feed them. Choose a height-adjustable baby feeding chair. As time passes, and your child grows, you can equally adjust the chair.

2. Safety
Another important factor to consider when buying the best baby high chair is safety. Always ensure you purchase the chair from a reputable brand. This is very critical especially if any safety issues may arise in the future. The chair you buy must have safety features that prevent the baby from falling when using it.

In the early stages, always restrain and support the child whenever he is using the chair. You should never leave your child by himself when sitting while eating. This may be important in preventing choking or any other accident. As time passes, your child will learn how to play around and eat in the chair safely without your assistance.

3. Ease of cleaning
For small children, feeding can be a messy business. Remember the highchair is not only for feeding; scribbling, jigsaws and games can also be done on the trays. Therefore, the chair is prone to dirt. You need a baby high chair that is easy to clean.

A chair made of a vinyl-like material is easy to clean as you only need to wipe. A baby high chair with easily-removable seat cushions is great as it lets you clean them in a washing machine. Always ensure that you have cleaned and dried them before the next meal. Avoid chairs with cotton-like fabric as they are difficult to clean and attract stains.

4. Comfort
Another important factor to consider in the best baby high chair is the comfort. Ensure that the chair comes with a comfortable design. The chair of your choice should let the child eat and play comfortably without a fuss. A comfortable chair is also good for the growth and health of your child.

A comfortable baby high chair should have additional comfort features. Some of these functions are infant inserts to support the head and neck of your child. The cushions should be appropriately padded. The chair should also let the baby sit in the correct position.

5. Multi-functional
As your child grows, so are his needs. As time passes, your child will need the high chair for other purposes apart from feeding. When choosing the best baby high chair, go for the one that can accommodate your child as he grows and his needs increase.

There are baby high chairs in the market that can convert into a table and chair. Such chairs are useful as your child grows. Your child can use the same chair for different purposes, meaning you don’t need to incur additional cost for the extra function.

6. Space-saving
Not all homes have spacious rooms. It is therefore advisable to choose a baby high chair that does not take much space. However, its size should not compromise other important features such safety and multi-functionality among others. Space-saving chairs are a solution for those with small rooms and are looking for a seat that is easy to use in their houses.

A good baby high chair should allow the baby to climb out, attaching themselves to the dining room chair without taking extra space. They should also be comfortable for the baby during mealtime and playtime irrespective of their space-saving capability.

7. Ease of use
A baby high chair is something that is used very much in a home. As a result, there is a need to look for a chair that is easy to use. The ease of use of a baby high chair is composed of various features as discussed below.

The harnessing system of a baby high chair is aimed at ensuring the safety of your child when seated. Some chairs have as many as 5-point harness system on the shoulder strap, waist strap, and a center buckle. Chairs with a one-hand release are good as they enhance timely unbuckling.

Another important feature to consider when looking at the ease of use is the recline feature. Most baby high chairs have this feature. When reclining, the best chairs allow the seat to move and slightly recline bringing more comfort for the baby. A baby feeding chair with reclining feature is crucial, especially for babies that sleep during or after a meal.

8. Foldable and compact
When choosing the best baby high chair, it is important to consider whether it is foldable and compact. Foldability is critical, especially when you have visitors and you need an extra space in the house. It is also important as it makes it easy to store the chair when it is not in use. Such a chair is also easy to carry when going for a trip.

Final thought
A baby feeding chair is an inevitable baby equipment that you will have to purchase one day when you will have a family. Due to its importance in the early years of your baby, it is important to make a very informed decision when purchasing it. The baby high seat features discussed above are some of the most important ones to consider when choosing the best one.