Space Saver High Chair

Are you a nursing and weaning mother? Are you wondering how the baby’s stuff will fit into the house? Do not worry too much for the space saver high chair will save you from all the trouble. It is an easy to convert and adjustable chair for kids. It can be used from when the child is an infant and able to sit up till he is a toddler

Advantages Of A Space Saver High Chair.

As the name indicates, the chair is used to save the space that is mostly occupied by a baby’s chair. You do not need baby things to clutter around the house. With a high chair all of the kid’s feeding stuff such as the feeding tray, all fit into the chair. The chair is then strapped to the dining chair for feeding. This gives the child the feeling of being part of a family.

It is secure. It straps easily and securely to most dining, kitchen and restaurant chairs. This ensures the safety of your child during periods of eating.

It is height and tummy adjustable. It can be adjusted to the right height for a kid’s comfort. This will make the baby love his high chair as it always makes him feel comfortable while sitting on it.

It is reclinable. The chair can be reclined for an infant or adjusted to fit a toddler. This is cost efficient as you will not need to buy another baby’s seat as he grows. Also it will save on space as you will not have multiple seats for your baby as he grows. You will just need one adjustable high chair.

The push in tray is dish washer friendly. You just have to remove the tray from the high chair and place it in the dishwasher for it to be cleaned and sanitized. It reduces the stress accompanied by some baby products concerning special cleaning rules.

The material of the seat pad is stain resistant. This ensures that when the kid spills food and drinks on the chair it will not get a stain mark. You just wipe off the spill and the seat is ready for use. It can also be washed in a washing machine simplifying your cleaning chores.

It is easy to store when it is not in use. It is easily folded to be compact for easy storage. This helps save space in your storage room.

The chair on the first impression is “it is just a small chair for small children”. On the contrary, the chair can be adjusted to fit bigger children. You just need to adjust the chair’s uprightness and remove the cushion in order to create more space for the bigger kid to fit in comfortably.

It comes in different colors and patterns. This can be used to mold you child’s preferences and character from a young age. Most children prefer what they grow up seeing around them.

The best gift you can get as a seat training kit for your infant is a space saver high chair. This chair has everything that is required to train your child how to sit and at the same time how to feed on a table.