Travel High Chair

It is a very good decision to have a Travel high chair. It does not matter whether you travel occasionally or a lot. Travel high chair make the feeding of your baby safe, an hassle free and a neat job to perform while you are out on family vacations.

These chairs are designed for use mainly outside the house. For example, apart from using them during vacations, you may use them in a restaurant which does not provide chairs for children.

These chairs generally less bulky and designed for travel convenience. Hence, they can be traveled with easily and often be checked.

Various types.

There are three main types of namely; the traditional booster seat, hook on chairs and wraps.


This is a versatile design which allows you to carry your baby by attaching them to the seat. You can even attach them to the crib as sleeper. They are mainly suitable for older babies. Wraps are attached to the chair by pulling a cover over the back of the chair and then tightening it.

Wraps are simple to use, versatile and lightweight. However, they are suitable for older children that have control and are also not suitable for all chair heights.

Booster seats.

A booster seat is a seat which can be attached to another seat such that you and your baby can share the same table. Some of them have extendable legs allowing them to sit independently.

They are very simple to use and strong. They can be used by a baby from 12 months and are bulkier than wraps.

Hook on chairs.

These chairs are ideal for travel for kids above six months. They attach to a table with rubber handles which helps them cling to the table. They help create a secure for the legs of your child.

Hook on chairs are collapsible seats, lightweight and safe. However, they have limited age range may not be perfect for every single table.

When deciding which Travel high chair you want to buy for your child, it is important to consider;

Consider the type of material used to make the chair. Good versions are made up of hard plastic. Type and style of the chair is very important. Look at the chair which has got top security features for your baby.

It is also important to consider the ease of washing. The best of these chairs are made up of soft material which can be quickly brushed clean or wiped.

To sum up, it is very important to consider the above types and the mentioned tips for purchasing one. The list is long and in addition, you should also consider the age of your baby, the price and feeding features of the chair.